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    Barbara Gibb  
Craniosacral Therapy  
Holistic Pulsing

ph: 389 7706 mob: 027 490 6428

Utilising a Synergy of subtle healing modalities, I assist your innate healing wisdom to re-source itself. Subtle is safe, supportive and deeply relaxing.

Sessions are a catalyst for broad permanent shifts in physiology, emotion, mind and spirit.

"I bring fifteen years study
and passion for the powerful
Synergy of 'subtle energy' healing."

My work is family-centred. I am available in the city, at my peaceful garden clinic or in private hospital/care. Also evenings and weekends. Sessions are usually 1 hour for adults and 45 mins for children. You lie fully clothed on a massage table. Four consecutive sessions support sustained results.

Energy Aura Alignment
Flower Essences
Tui 6/75 Ghuznee St Wellington