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  Brenda Cheyne

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I discovered hypnotherapy via self-hypnosis tapes created by Marshal Syler nine years ago. I have also used Paul Mckenna’s CDs. After many years dedicated to my personal growth I have been down many paths searching for inner peace. My book: “Getting to Peace - a guide for healing from rape and abuse.” has a brief account of my story which can be downloaded from my website. I began my working life as a nurse and have worked as a counsellor and support worker in mental health. However, I was always looking for better more efficient ways to help myself and others. I had heard of hypnosis but thought it was a bit wacky and never went near it. How wrong I was.

Hypnosis is like magic but it is also very easy for anyone to learn self-hypnosis or benefit from hypnotherapy. Hypnosis has helped change my very negative self talk (thinking) and opened me to my own power. I do not struggle the way I did, it is great.

Hypnosis takes the hard work out of change because it works on the subconscious where most of our negative habits or health issues are controlled. These are the reasons I decided to train as a hypnotherapist. The school where I studied for my advanced diploma is Alpha Hypnosis, my teacher Roger Saxelby. He has been honoured for his many years work and dedication to hypnosis.

Hypnosis can be used for many human conditions or bad habits; for example, past trauma's from rape and abuse giving up smoking, anxiety, stress, memory improvement, confidence, phobias, weight issues, improving study, creativity, anger, motivation, childbirth, pain control, addictions, physical health conditions

I bring to my hypnotherapy practice many years of being involved with supporting people on their pathways of self improvement. What fascinates me is how people can change their lives no matter the traumas or terrible pasts they may have had. I am always amazed at people’s wisdom. Hypnosis is a tool that can really help people empower themselves.

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